SPARTACUS TRAVELER: Your magazine for the gay traveler
Many people ask me if there is a good gay travel magazine to buy. Yes there is. Spartacus is the specialist in gay travelling information: books, apps, websites, but also the Spartacus traveler. I received the issue of April - June 2016.
First, the magazine is written in German. But even with a small knowledge of the German language, you understand the articles.

In this issue u get information about 5 destinations: Palm Springs, Lissabon, Cook Islands, and Hannover. I go soon to Lissabon, so this article interested me a lot. The article gives me information about the different neighbourhoods, some history and finally some good addresses about hotels, restaurants,...

Helsinki organises the Eurogames of 2016 and expects more then 2000 sporters, so if u go.... this article will be very interesting for u.

Its the time of the gayprides, Germans say CDS. Spartacus traveler gives u the hotspots for the best gayprides and events whole over the world. And for the traveler.... at the end the magazine gives u good addresses for gays whole over the world.

SPARTACUS TRAVELER is the longest established and most successful travel magazine in Germany for the gay community and is available as classic print magazine or as a digital version for desktop and tablets.

The glossy magazine inspires its readers with well investigated and richly illustrated travel reports and news from around the world. Contents, distribution and appearance rhythm orientate themselves around the specifications and needs of the tourism industry. Gay men are so-called heavy travellers and known for their above-average level of education and income. In recent studies from the marketing research institute CMI 80 procent of the gay men interviewed confirm that their choice of holiday destination is influenced by travel articles in gay media (print or online).

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