Lizzie France, the voice of the Delice parties
During Delice Dreams i had an interview with Lizzie France, the great voice of the Delice parties.
After a much needed break, Lizzie has returned a new to House Music as a real Mumma! Now a full time Mum to a beautiful baby girl but she has already found the time to be back to work with Her European Diva residency with the Delice Parties and her schedule is starting to look Busy as dates are confirmed for Barcelona, Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux.

Lizzies power and passion to her vocals are her signature calling card . Diva by vocals and not by reputation, it always has been about the music to Lizzie and this is seen in every aspect of her work and performance.

Her glamorous and professional interpretation of many house music classics have led to the recognition of her very own style in itself.

Quite rightly she has attracted the interest from many of London's DJ Talents. Some of the names Lizzie has already worked with include Nick Tcherniak, Steve Thomas, Tony English and Miss Crazy D (Deeafro). With a string of original tracks now all featuring Lizzie, she has been able to incorporate this music into her live shows and Singing tracks created for her by Nick Tcherniak and Tom Marchant have been a career highlight.

Her strong ability to perform live and own her crowd, comes directly from her diverse exposure to many different genres of live music. From classical music to musical theatre Lizzie has always left her audience with that wow factor, this being what so many of todays clubbing elite deserve in a live PA.

Live performances at Club nights include Lovechild, Pushca, and Onyx but her performances are now mostly featured throughout Europe with the Delice Family.

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lizzie France

lizzie France