Gay Tel Aviv, your place to be.
GaywayTLV is a mission-driven gay travel company. They provid the clients with expert knowledge and exclusive deals on Tel Aviv and Israel greatest vacations.
During the last few years, Gay Tel Aviv has become one of the most popular destinations for a perfect gay vacation. Gay Tel Aviv has a lot to offer: wonderful weather, with almost 8 months of sun and warm days and nights, beautiful beaches with white sand, stretching from south Tel Aviv to the north of it, an uplifting and never ending gay nightlife scene, a huge selection of fine restaurants, gay bars, gay hotels and gay apartments, a variety of art galleries and art exhibitions, beautiful boulevards and Bauhaus architecture, and much more. It is a perfect place for gay travel.

Gay Tel Aviv city recently received the nickname Tel-Aviv the Pink City, a title that is most certainly appropriate, due to its gay friendly vibe. Gay Tel Aviv is the perfect place for an unforgettable vacation: You can start your stay in one of the gay Tel Aviv hotels, or gay friendly hotels, all situated in the center of town and close to the beach (Gay Tel Aviv is quite small, so you can practically walk the entire city, from south to north), or even stay in a centrally- located gay apartment in Tel Aviv.

After a tasty Israeli breakfast, you will probably want to hit the beach. The main Tel Aviv beach for gays is the Hilton beach, which lies just beneath the Hilton hotel. It is also very close to the Independence Park, which, during night time, used to be the number one cruising area. These days you can still find some action over there, but not like it used to be.

During the evening and the night, the options are unlimited: you can go for a fabulous dinner, or choose to eat some traditional Israeli food; you can start by having a drink in one of the gay bars, then move on to another gay bar and so on. If you feel like dancing, you can choose between many gay parties and events, which will make you dance and sweat till the morning light. Lesbians will also feel at ease in Gay Tel Aviv, and will have lots of options to choose from: drinks at the lesbian bar, weekly lesbian party, annual lesbian film festival and so on (not to mention the hot Israeli girls%u2026)

To experience Gay Tel Aviv in depth, you can take a daily tour with a gay guide that will show you all the historical and interesting places in the city, as well as some small secret spots. A gay guide will also take you, off course, to all the gay attractions and places of interest in Gay Tel Aviv, during the day and night. The gay guide can also take you on a trip outside of Gay Tel Aviv; to wherever you ll want to go: Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the North of the country and more.

As we mentioned above, Gay Tel Aviv is a sleepless city. You can find things to do, where to eat, people to meet, clubs to dance in etc, almost 24/7. Make sure to check before you go out, cause many places tend to get closed, or renovated or just arent there anymore.

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